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WELCOME To Transportation Research Center “TRANSIT” Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Transportation Research Center “TRANSIT” Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta has been developed from the Laboratory of Transportation Engineering and Infrastructures (LATEI) which is a part of Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. The laboratory was established on 1982 when the Department of Civil Engineering of UMY was starting to receive the undergraduate-student.

TRC-TRANSIT UMY has reputation through the nationwide for its contribution to the research of transportation engineering and the advanced technology. Our staff are improving the knowledge and understanding of people in road system and management, consulting traffic management and surveys, advising the safer road, designing network and infrastructures and proposing the advanced technology for Indonesian implementation.

Our researches aid the Indonesian policy development to reduce all type of causalities in roads, implement the advanced road technologies, conducting the pavement materials design, optimize the public vehicle and traffic management and design the appropriate infrastructures particularly in housings, city plans, roads, airports and railways.

Our laboratory has national and international cooperations with reputable institutions such as Directorate of Bina Marga, Public Work Department of Republic Indonesia; Regional Office of Traffic and Roads Vehicles (DLLAJR) Republic of Indonesia; National Engineering Consultants; Board of Regional Development and Plan (Bappeda); Department of Civil and Structural Engineering Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Suranaree University, University of Malaya and National Center of Research on Earthquake Engineering Taiwan.

Currently, our laboratory has some research grants from Ministry of National Education through Hibah Bersaing, Dosen Muda and University Research Grants of UKM and UMY for developing the advanced technology of seismic method in quality assessment of pavement structure. Those researches are international collaboration of our laboratory with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Centre for Research and Development of Road and Bridge (Puslitbang Jalan dan Jembatan) and Institute of Technology, Bandung.

In our university, TRC-TRANSIOT UMY with PUSPER (centre for regional energy management) has started to design the research on transport energy. This issue is very important in Indonesia and worldwide. The LATEI has developed the transport system that can reduce the use of fossil fuel in system through the optimization of public transport and traffic system.

WHAT’S NEW ? new

1. Macet ? Kenapa dan Apa Solusinya (Perspektif Akademis)

2. A Research Dissemination 2005-2010. 


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