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Currently, LATEI has a lot of standard instruments and tools for conducting traffic surveys, roads design, pavement material tests such as basic properties, mechanical and seismic test, and infrastructures tests such as hammer test, NDT tests and the others.


LATEI is also carrying out the engineering consulting together with Lembaga Konsultasi dan Pelayanan Teknik (LKPT).  LATEI, in conducting the work in some instruments, can perform and follow the international standards such as ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, BS, Road Note, NAASRA, etc. and the national regulation such as MKJI, Bina Marga, SNI, etc.

LATEI, in the laboratory division of traffic management and transportation studio, can carry out some activties of traffic and road surveys and studies, such as:

  1. Volume, speed and density of traffic parameters

  2. Origin-destination surveys

  3. Public transport surveys: stated preference method

  4. Visual assessment and surveys for roads

  5. Transport modeling (trip generation, distribution, modal split and trip assignment)

  6. Advanced statistical estimation, forecast, time series analysis and real condition for transport and traffic analysis

  7. Surveying, mapping and topography for road design

  8. Roads and highways geometric designs

  9. Public surveys for transportation: pedestrian, accidents, WTP, ATP etc.

In Division of Pavement Materials, some material testings of pavement structures can be carried out, as follows:

  1. Basic properties of asphalts, such as penetration, softening point, flash point, viscosity for cool mix asphalt, density of asphalt, thick film test, ductility, etc.

  2. Basic properties of aggregate, such as shape of aggregate, soundness, asphlatic percentage in aggregate, density of aggregate, density on saturated surface dry condition, material distributions, etc.

  3. Mechanical properties of pavement materials such as LA abrasion for aggregate, Marshall test, impact value for aggregate, laboratory CBR, density, volume weight, etc.

Together with Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, pavement materials section contribute some soil material testings related to pavement structures as follows:

  1. Basic properties of soil , such as Atternberg limits, compaction, moisture content, permeability, soil classification, etc.

  2. Mechanical properties, such as shear strength of soil for road embankment, unconfined axial stress, triaxial testing for soils, etc.

  3. Site investigation such as Ducth Penetration Test (Sounder), hand-bore, field density measurement, field CBR, volume weight, etc.

Infrastructures and Engineering Technology Division provide some testings such as Seismic Investigations for Soil Profilling and Pavement Characterization (collaboration with UGM and UKM), Advanced Infrastructural Testings (Hammer testing, Benkelman Beam, Impact Echo, etc.), Material Testings (cooperating with Laboratory of Concrete Technology) and Non Destructive Testings on Soil, Pavement and Land (joint instrumentations with Puslitbang Jalan dan Jembatan, Bandung).



  1. ario says:

    It was a nice blog.. there were few lectures wrote about our faculty.. I think, this is a good method to publicated our campus… I was really impressed.. Hopefully, i will follow you sir…
    BTW… I received two emails from The Professors in NTUST. They already approved me to be their Research Asistant in the laboratory, when i would finish my undergraduate programme.. Furthermore, I have studied TOEFEL so Hard everyday… I hope i can get it… Semangatt… i want to continue to read this blog… “semoga selalu Dalam Lindungan Allah SWT…”

  2. labtransportumy says:

    Wass. Thank you mas Ario, I only tried to give the best I could to do. It is not only to publish our campus facilities but also as a media for helping and assisting the our community if they have a problems in infrastructures development. We can give a little ideas for imporving their limitation and trying to minimize their problems.

    And, I would like to express my congratulation to mas Ario for your success to get the invitation letter to be a research assistant in NTUST. I hope you can use this opportunity for developing your future. all the best.

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