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MASW Method: NDT soil investigation

July 2010
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Scientific Article: MASW Method: NDT soil investigation

Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi* & Susy K. Ariestianty*

*Jurusan Teknik Sipil, UMY

**Puslitbang Jalan dan Jembatan, Banlitbang, Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum Bandung

Shear wave velocity is one of the most important input parameters in modeling of soil behavior under cyclic load. By acquiring the value, the dynamic soil properties such as shear modulus and damping ratio can be derived. The measurement of a shear wave velocity can be performed employing a seismic method where some receivers are placed on the ground to record the propagation of surface waves. Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW) that was developed by Park [1995], uses multi receivers (12 – 48 receivers). The earlier method uses only two receivers is known as Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave. The MASW method is faster and effective costly. Pattern recognition of seismic events, mode separation and noise can be evaluated and diminished in data processing with more accuracy and reliability.

Further reading, please visit: MASW Method: A NDT Soil Investigation by Dr. Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi.



  1. alauddin says:

    this is simailar to UITM Dr Norhayati is conducting

    • LATEI-UMY says:

      Thanks you for your comment. MAsw is a well known NDT method.It is developed from SASW method by using multi-geophones.Park and Xia (1998), are first investigators who conducted this test.Now,we are working to develop the advanced signal processing and tomography analysis.You may refer to our findings in which some new empirical models of Vs by MASW vs NSPT have been developed for Malaysian residual soils.We have also implemented multi-channel tests for pavement investigation. some field procedures may be similar between one to other investigators.

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