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First International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure

August 2007
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First International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure

Date: April 24-26, 2008
Venue: Beijing


(International Society for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transport Infrastructure)  

Website: www.jtzx.net.cn/icti/

International Society of Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transport Infrastructure (iSMARTi) is a technical and learned society dedicated to the theme of maintenance & rehabilitation of infrastructure assets of the transport system including corridors, airports, roads, pavements, tunnels and bridges, railroads, ports, dockland, utilities, and multimodal facilities. The society will support various different periodic events (conferences, workshops, short courses, technology synthesis reports), which will have the objective of promoting the exchange of know-how between the professionals involved in each of those infrastructure assets. In recognition of the importance of sustainable transportation infrastructure, iSMARTi is launching this international conference series to address the various issues pertaining to the development, design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the infrastructures of the different modes of transportation. The first conference of the series will be held in Beijing, China on April 24-26, 2008 with primary focus on “sustainable Transport Infrastructure”.  

Scope of Conference

Technical papers are invited to address all issues related to the transport infrastructure sector, encompassing the planning, development, design, construction, operations, management, maintenance and rehabilitation phases related to any form of transport infrastructure.The conference particularly welcomes papers dealing with improved methods, innovative ideas, new techniques and advanced technologies in any of the phases that enhance the sustainability of transport infrastructure development and operations.Both theoretical and practical papers are welcome.The technical program of the conference will be planned around the following tracks:

  • Airport infrastructure
  • Port and harbor infrastructure
  • Road infrastructure
  • Rail transport infrastructure
  • Intermodal, Mass Transit and other transport infrastructure issues

Listed below are examples of some of relevant topics under each of the tracks:

  • Applications of new materials, concepts and technologies
  • Applications of spaceborne and airborne remote sensing technologies
  • Optimal utilization and allocation of resources for maintenance management
  • Infrastructure asset management techniques and strategies
  • Sustainable transportation and urban development
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Social impact assessment and life cycle cost and benefit analysis
  • Remedial and corrective measures to mitigate adverse impacts
  • Case studies


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