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Paper Presentation in Athens 2007

July 2007
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On Wednesday, June 21, 2007, our academic staff of LATEI and civil engineering lecturer in UMY, Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, presented his research work in International Conference on Advanced Characterisation of Pavement and Soil Engineering Materials (Athens 2007) in Athens, Greece. He, and together with 3 professors in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and senior researcher from Puslitbang Bandung, wrote a paper entitled “Development of Vs-CBR-DCP empirical model for determining dynamic stiffness of pavement base layer using SASW”. His research produced the empirical model for measuring the dynamic and static stiffness using the spectral analysis of surface wave (SASW) method. The result showed that the SASW method has capability for assessing the road structural modulus and bearing capacity without any deteriorations on pavement, and the test can be performed fast and accurate.



  1. ario says:

    I think we should to publicated our lecture’s achievements.. I was reading in UNIBRAW website, that “their lecture were going to Manila to presented in Research work”.. This is a great paper..

  2. labtransportumy says:

    thank you Mas Ario … the publication of our lecturer’s achievements may increase the motivation of the students to follow their lecturer. And, do not stop to learn, to try, to do and to improve our knowledges, sciences and all of potentials that we have. In conference, we will learn and study the new knowlegde around the world and can share with other professors.

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